Very few people can say that they haven’t been affected during this unprecedented time. Children are home from school, people are out of work, and many people are trying to stay safe from illness. With COVID-19 changing our day-to-day lives, it may be hard to find the daily encouragement that you need to continue through the days, but there is hope.

The Word For You Today believes that through Christ, anything is possible. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t receive assistance through the work of other people too. Daily encouragement can be much easier when you’re provided with motivation on a daily basis, and there are few great ways to do that. With things like daily devotionals, acts of service, and prayer, you can receive encouragement that will give you the strength to stay positive during these hard times. Here are a few ways that you can find hope and encouragement daily.

Invest in Daily Devotionals

A devotional is a religious text that is read daily to increase your spiritual beliefs. Devotionals can include religious texts, passages from religious books, and specific encouraging words to get you through tough times. Carving out a time of the day, each day, to dive into a passage can create more awareness throughout the day and give you a specific purpose to carry with you for that day. As a Christian, it’s a way to bring you closer to God.
If you’ve ever spoken to someone who reads a daily devotional, you’ll know how much of an impact they can have on people’s lives. Because they help people so much, The Word For You Today makes it incredibly easy to access devotionals. In fact, we offer to send your first quarterly devotional free so that you can see for yourself how beneficial they are.

When you sign up to receive the devotional, you’ll receive print copies of a quarterly devotional every three months for a year. This physical copy can act as a compass for your day, guiding you in a direction of positivity. As it is in your possession physically, you can have access to it whenever you’d like and refer back to sections that provided memorable encouragement or even share it with friends and family.

Though the printed form of The Word For You pamphlets is easy to take with you, having access to this literature on your mobile device can be even more convenient. Having The Word For You Today app on your phone will provide you with access to daily devotionals no matter where you are. Obtaining access to the app is simple and can be done affordably. For just $29 a year, you can receive both the quarterly paperbacks as well as annual access to the app, so that you can continue to find hope and encouragement every day.

Perform Acts of Service

Because of the precautions we all must take due to COVID, the ways in which we perform acts of service have become more limited. It’s easier to feel alone without being around the community you’re used to, such as your church or a volunteer group. Still, there are many ways to give back despite this new way of living. For times where you need more than words of encouragement, you can put your words into action by giving back to the people around you. This can help you feel like you’re part of something bigger and that you’re actively doing what you can to make someone else’s situation better.

Though you may not be able to serve food at food banks during this time, you can definitely still donate food. Food banks are always in need of donations, especially now that so many people are without work. If you have excess, give it to those who can really use it. Another act of service you can do during this time is to donate to causes that make a difference. Charities that help to provide essential items to people in need can truly benefit from your donations if you’re in a position to give.

Another act of service that you can perform during this time is checking up on people who may also be having a hard time during the pandemic. Just as it may be difficult for you to find hope and encouragement, it’s also that way for others. Emailing or calling people in your community and asking how they’re doing can create an opportunity for you to help or be helped should you need it. Things like offering to pick up groceries for older people can be of great service in keeping them safe, and creating communication opportunities can allow them to ask for that help.

Read Specific Literature

As COVID-19 is making such an impact on the world, it may also cast a shadow on other life events. We are all experiencing a type of communal grief, but if your sadness is more specific, you may find comfort in a more specific text. With small books that address specific subjects, The Word For You Today aims to provide comfort to people as they work to feel hope during times that feel hopeless.

These subject-specific books are filled with 80 pages of inspiration to assist you with daily encouragement during these rough times. It’s important to know that you don’t have to go through these feelings alone and also that you’re not the only one feeling this way. Addressing subjects such as grief, prayer, healing, and forgiveness, these texts can help you to find hope through specific issues in everyday life. These books can be referred to daily and can lead you through difficult times.

Another way to take advantage of specific literature can be through reading the Bible. Going back to a specific section that once inspired hope in you can have a surprising way of affecting you the same the second or third time around. Reference the Bible during times of doubt and hopelessness, and you may find that God can encourage you toward better times.